Deploying Cisco WLC 3504 through CLI

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Deploying Cisco WLC 3504 through CLI

Deploying WLC 3504 through CLI

To deploy WLC 3504, follow the procedure below:


Step 1

Connect to the console of the WLC 3504.

Step 2

(Cisco Controller) 

Welcome to the Cisco Wizard Configuration Tool

Use the '-' character to backup

Would you like to terminate autoinstall? [yes]: yes

AUTO-INSTALL: process terminated -- no configuration loaded

Enter Administrative User Name (24 characters max): admin

Enter Administrative Password (3 to 24 characters): ********

Re-enter Administrative Password                 : ********

Service Interface IP Address Configuration [static][DHCP]: 

Enable Link Aggregation (LAG) [yes][NO]: NO

Management Interface IP Address:

Management Interface Netmask:

Management Interface Default Router:

Cleaning up Provisioning SSID

Management Interface VLAN Identifier (0 = untagged): 0

Management Interface Port Num [1 to 5]: 1

Management Interface DHCP Server IP Address:

Enable HA [yes][NO]: NO

Virtual Gateway IP Address:   

Mobility/RF Group Name: WLC3504

Network Name (SSID): WLC3504

Configure DHCP Bridging Mode [yes][NO]: NO

Allow Static IP Addresses [YES][no]: YES

Configure a RADIUS Server now? [YES][no]: no

Warning! The default WLAN security policy requires a RADIUS server.

Please see documentation for more details.

Enter Country Code list (enter 'help' for a list of countries) [US]: TH

Enable 802.11b Network [YES][no]: YES

Enable 802.11a Network [YES][no]: YES

Enable 802.11g Network [YES][no]: YES

Enable Auto-RF [YES][no]: YES

Configure a NTP server now? [YES][no]: no

Configure the system time now? [YES][no]: no

Warning! No AP will come up unless the time is set.

Please see documentation for more details.

Would you like to configure IPv6 parameters[YES][no]: no

Configuration correct? If yes, system will save it and reset. [yes][NO]: yes

Cleaning up DHCP Server

Cleaning up Provisioning SSID

Cleaning up Provisioning SSID

Updating HBL license statistics file


Configuration saved!

Resetting system with new configuration...